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"Heh,daughter of the Rainbow Dash,with those small wings,psh,i feel sorry for the Rainbow Dash to pity this flightless foal"
"Haha,yah,maybe shes just a little adopted loser"
"I-i'm not adopted"Paint Swirl murmered under her breath,which was not missed by the bullies.
"oh yeah?Well then,i guess your a little,stinkin,adopted,sissy,liar!"
"W-wa,n-no i'm not"Paint Swirl starts tearing up,her voice cracking at the word no.
"huh?"Turqoise Edge heard a whimpering and a sudden cry for help,which was soon muffled on the letters lp.
"Aw,whats the matter,your not gonna need those wings anymore you overgrown,ugly,penguin."
HOLY HAY THEY'RE PLUCKING HER FEATHERS.Turqoise watched the ponys gag her mouth with her own feathers and pluck out more.It was sickening.
"MMMMMMMMPHMMMMHMHMHMHM"Paint Swirl cried in agony as her feathers choked her and the pain caused her to kick her back legs (which were nothing compared to the bullys strength.
"EY!!!"Turqoise didn't waste a second on stopping those bullys from totuting her friend.
"Well seems little Turqoise is on the Edge,ey"
"SHUT UP YOU"Turqoise cussed like there was no tomorrow,then kicked the bully gagging Paint in the jaw,earning her a black eye from the bully's reflexes.She stood over Paint Swirl,indicating she was protecting her,Turqoise growled when the bullys tried to come close,they were warned by the blood streaming like a river on the bullys' lip.
"GET THE **************************!!!!!"Turqoise took out the feathers in Paint's mouth and watched her cough out the rest.
"RUN YOU *********"Turqoise watched them cower under missis Cherilee's angry glare.
"T-Turqoise,look"Paint's voice was cracked,dry,and wery,she pointed at Turqoises flank.There was 2 staffs making a x with cracked stones on the point.Her cutie mark.
"Everyone.Inside NOW."Mrs.Cherilee was looking at the bullys,paint swirl,and Turq.
This is pic number 1.this is for kindheart525 of her charectors,Turqoise Edge(Zephr Breeze and Limestone kid)and Paint Swirl(SoarinDash child),Paint gets teased because she almost died from prematurely,her side effects are her wings are undersized and weak.poor innocent baby primary color bunny.I like to think that this is how edge got her cutiemark.These bullys dun just tease,they almost choked her to death!Rainbow will be devastated that she amost lost her baby for the 3rd time and forever be in Turqoises dept.thanks kind
You did WHAT!?!?!?!?!
"You did WHAT!?!?!?!?!" Rainbow and Soarin screamed,receiving the piece of news of their son having twins.
"Fire!!I thought I raised you better!!" Soarin scrunched his nose in disgust.
"YOU GOT HER PREGNET!?!?"Rainbow shrieked,getting ready to pounce.
"I am SO disgusted I can't stop your mother from attacking you!"Soarin jumped back as Rainbow Screached.
"RRRAAAAHHH" Rainbow jumps on Firework and slaps him.
"AH,OW MOM,Child abuse!!!!" Firework whined,rubbing his cheek.
"You got that right"said Storm Strike,resisting the urge to attack Firework because of her pregnet belly.
"SHUT UP,THIS IS YOUR FUALT TOO,PILLS MUCH?!?"Rainbow said,fiercly glowering at Storm with less hatred in her eyes to the carrier of her grandkids.
"Yes ma'am,sorry ma'am"Storm responded,a little terrified at Rainbow.
   This is a gift for a kind artist,kindheart525,she gave me permission to draw a scene she was too busy to do,so I took some stress of her shoulders,and drew what Firework's parents(Rainbow Dash 'n Soarin)would react to Firework getting Storm Strike(Thunderlane and Blossomforth kid)pregnet.I actually finished this the same day I asked,but my computer crashed and I had to start over,then it happened again,then I went on a trip,than again,then my mommy's b-day.sorry it took so long,hope you like it.^^
With the wind in my haaaaaaair
I watched Tangled Before Ever After.It kinda reminded me of a scene in Margarie's life.When she had enough of all of this.She is going to wear her hair down,she is going to express her cheer,she is going to help orphins,She is going to do what she wants to do,short sentence.she will be herself.Life changing event.
Ms.Majesty Merida
   I'm watching Brave.It's awesome,Merida might be my favorite princess
   Snow White:Annoying
   Arlie:too many movies,GET TO THE POINT.
   Cinderella:to cliché,how does she not hate her step-family!?
   Alice in Wonderland:boring
   see wat I mean? Anyway,this picture is how Merida feels about her mom's point of view on marrige


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United States
I am in love with the shows Steven Universe and My Little Pony.I`m not allergic to anything but I`m Very Picky.I live with my mom,uncle,cousin,grandma,grandpa,and me.I have a obsession with shiny things so you can imagine how I learned about steven universe.If you like to know more about me ask away.P.S I`m a girl

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